Detangling Hairbrush For Women / Kids for Curly Thick Natural Hair | Mother Daughter Combo Detangling Knots Brush Comb Set

Product Features

  • DETANGLE BRUSH: Great for removing tangles and knots without pulling or breaking hair. Detangling Brush: Professional quality, durable bristles that will last a lifetime. Soon to become your favorite hair brush for both mom and daughter.
  • DETANGLING HAIR BRUSH: The Hair Glider Mother Daughter Series ends the frustration of hurting your child's scalp with its rip free curved bristle design. Your little girl will love her new hairbrush with built-in mirror made especially for her. Detangling Brush For Curly Hair: Brushing your hair is supposed to feel good not become a monotonous chore. The Hair Glider set makes brushing your hair feel good again, especially for curly, thick, natural hair.
  • HAIRBRUSH FOR THICK HAIR: "Finally! I found a hairbrush that is acceptable to my little girl. No more tears - only smiles" writes one customer. "This hairbrush feels like a massage, almost as if it was custom made for me. My crazy curly hair has met its match."
  • DETANGLER BRUSH FOR NATURAL BLACK HAIR: Hair Glider detangler brush will unravel your worst tangles with ease. Gentle on the finest hair and equally effective on natural black curly hair. It truly works wonders on all types of hair!
  • DETANGLING BRUSH FOR KIDS: What a great gift for mom and little girl, for any occasion. You can't go wrong. Your daughter will be so excited to have a brush that matches Mom's. Take advantage of this risk free with our money back guarantee and get your Hair Glider Mother Daughter set today.
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Product Description

Want to improve your quality of life?

Mother – Daughter Time . . . PRICELESS

Make brushing your hair feel good again with the Hair Glider two brush set.
– Combs are a thing of the past for detangling your thick natural hair. This detangling brush set will soon be front and center, whether getting ready for school, before the work day, and especially at bedtime.
– Other detangling brushes can be associated with frustration by both mom and daughter. This detangling brush for kids will change that.
– Not just a hairbrush for thick hair, but a time for mother and daughter to share. Mom, Dad you can’t go wrong with this detangle brush set!

We have a no hassle 100% guarantee refund policy. If you use this and do not LOVE it, simply return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose. Consider picking up an extra Hair Glider detangling brush set for travel or as a thoughtful gift.

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