Groveda Solutions Gro-veda Hair Growth Serum

Product Features

  • PROMOTES INCREASED HAIR GROWTH, Combat Hair Loss, Promotes Hair Retention. You can even use the serum for growing your eyebrows too.
  • HERE'S WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: "The Best Hair Growth Product I've discovered yet. I know because I've tried them all" Tina
  • POWERFUL INFUSED INGREDIENTS TO ACTIVATE HAIR GROWTH: Biotin, Vitamin B Complex, Neem, Alma, Olive Oil, Rosemary Oil, Coconut Oil & Peppermint Oil. Helps prevent Split Ends, Alopecia, Hair Loss, and Bald Patches too
  • HERE'S ANOTHER EMAIL FROM A HAPPY CUSTOMER: "I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN MY HAIR ALREADY. My daughter uses the oil on her hair as well. One thing I've also noticed is that I have no more split ends and more hair, it's so much healthier. There is no sense in growing hair with damaged hair so I'm happy that the oil repaired my damaged hair and keeps my new growth healthy too. It really feels good to have a head full of hair now!" - Rebecca Daniel
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Product Description

Groveda Fast Hair Growth Serum is specifically designed to promote, retain, and increase normal hair growth rate while nourishing the hair with needed vitamins

Infused with Biotin to promote thicker hair.

Contains Amla an Indian Gooseberry herb high in vitamin C, lavonoids, polyphenols, and also contains protein, vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are essential to stop hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. As always test for allergic reactions or scalp sensitivity as this product is for increased hair growth.

Capscium stimulates hair growth by 150% and increases blood flow to the scalp

These plus other effective and active ingredients, along with Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, promote blood flow to increase normal hair growth and encourage healthy scalp. Many notice increased hair growth, thicker, softer, and shinier hair.

We’re proud to say that some customers report seeing results in as little as 7 days. Groveda Hair Growth Serum encourages hair follicles to remain in it’s hair growth phase. A key to growing your hair longer and stronger.

You will Experience Overall health of your hair and scalp combating hair loss and thinning hair.

Our hair growth oil for women and men is for all hair types. 4 ounce bottle, pleasant smell, not sticky or oily. Bonus – Hair Growth Tips Included

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