Lip Plumper Device for Full Lips Cupping with Cosmetic Gift Bag and Exfoliating Brush – Live the Life You LOVE

Product Features

  • HOLIDAY GIFT SET: For every girl and woman on your list! The ULTIMATE Gift Idea
  • LIP ENHANCER: Lure CupperUp cup is made of BPA-FREE Food grade silicone, pliable and easy to use, wash and carry
  • POWERED BY: Lure original cupping technique that creates vacuum suction to naturally increase blood flow for SEXY beautiful mouth & lips!
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Product Description

Tips & Techniques for using Lure CupperUp cup to achieve full, luscious lips.
1.Use the enclosed brush to gently clean and exfoliate lips before cupping.
2.Apply Lure oil, Coconut oil or any other oil or lip balm of your choice to your lips and around the mouth area to moisturize and create a better seal.
3.Squeeze center of the silicone CupperUpTM cup and quickly place it over your lips drawing either both lips inside the cup at once, or taking turns drawing upper or bottom lip at a time; release to create vacuum suction.
4.Allow for the cup to remain on your lips for approximately 5-10 seconds; release and check for results to avoid bruising and swelling. You may also gently suck with your lips inside the cup.
5.Repeat as needed until desired effect is achieved.
6.Finally, apply lip gloss or lipstick of your choice.
CARE: Wash in warm soapy water. Do not heat, boil or microwave. Brush & cup are made with BPA, PVC & Phthalate-FREE Food grade silicone. Caution: To avoid soreness and bruising, do not overuse or keep the CupperUpTM Lip Enhancer on your mouth for prolonged periods of time. Do not use over broke skin, inflammations or cold sores. Do not use if you had lip fillers or injections. Keep out of reach of children. *Individual results can and will vary. Lure products are purely cosmetic in nature.

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