Makeup Tatttoo Pigment Makeup Pigment10ml Deep Brown Color Permanent Tattoo Ink for Eyebrow and Lip Tattoo Manchine Kit

Product Features

  • √ 100% Essence of pure plant extracts tattoo ink
  • √ Talc free color additive Plant extracts, safe and healthy.
  • √ Micro Tattoo Pigment for tattoo machine
  • √ Permanent makeup Micr Tattoo pigment Tattoo ink
  • √ Microblade eyebrow kit tattoo ink tattoo pigment
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Product Description

This permanent makeup ink can be used for eyeliner, eyebrow, lip and body tattoo.
Micro Pigments are non-drying, rich, natural colors formulated with superfine particles
and iron oxides for easy absorption into the skin.
Quality research has earned us a reputation for consistency and ease of use.
Colors range from neutrals to vibrant, and can complement any hair and skin tone. Use
in their pure state, or mix them to customize.
Natural shades of color for every skin tone to match, mix or fix.
Colors that camouflage and neutralize.
From white lighteners and yellow brighteners, to rose, olive, oranges and taupe, every
color in the palette comes to life! True beiges conceal imperfections, even scarring.
Stays for a long time in the skin, doesn’t fades.
100% new brand and high quality.
1. UV-light absorbing, nontoxic, no color movement.
2. Light resistance, weather resistance.
3. Transparency, heat stability.
4. Never change color and easy to color!
5. Can be used by manual pen or permanent makeup tattoo machine.
6. Color stability, used by the popular professional tattooist. Colors:
44 Honey Brown 302Taupe 828 Dream Brown 8475 True Black 8428 Gray
8480 Light ASH Brown 8940 Light Orange 8941 Bright Red 8942 Red Pepper
8945 Pink 8946 Strawberry 8948 Plump Red 8950 Pale Flesh 9134 Kiss Me
9138 Jet Black 9156 Chocolate 9157 Dark Brow 9167 Neutral FLASH
9210 TAN 9296 Rose Red 9389 Smoke Gray 9646 Dark Ash Brown
9647 Ash Brown 9731 Auburn 9746 Peach 9905 Deep Brown 9937 Black brown
9938 Brunet brown

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