Mily Makeup Blotting Paper – Professional Papers for Removing Facial Oil and Saving Makeup on Face – 100% All Natural Flax Sheets Pack of Four

Product Features

  • Oily skin can seriously impact your complexion, so when you don't have time to make a touch-up, our pampering blotter paper is what you need for a quick fix. Excess oil makes your skin feel greasy and dirty as well. A quick touch-up with our pampering blotting papers effectively combat excess oil whether you're at home or on the go.
  • You probably do not carry a full cosmetic kit with you, nor do you want to have to re-do your makeup every time excess oil strikes. Don't overpay for a name like tatcha blotting papers. We will pamper your face and you will always be Photo-Ready in our "Take a Selfie Society. Our blotting paper sheets are like oil magnets.
  • Your complexion might be well balanced when the day begins but as the day goes by excess oil strikes out of nowhere. Our thin, absorbent, pocket-size blotting paper discreetly remove surface oil from your skin and rejuvenate your face. Our blotting papers aren't plasticky or crunchy, and it feels ladylike. You will love them and want to share with your girlfriends.
  • Any time you notice a shiny complexion, simply pull out a sheet of our pampering blotting paper, gently blot it on your skin -- even over your makeup -- and enjoy your significant other's complexion. They're awesome at de-sheening, and feel soft when you wipe them across your face.
  • If you don't absolutely love our blotting sheets and enjoy being pampered by them, we will be happy to refund you the full purchase price. Just return them and take advantage of our 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee.
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Product Description

Your face is guaranteed to look and feel great from the beginning of the day through the afternoon meetings and dinner and drinks at night. If you use a tissue to eliminate oil, you could end up wiping off your makeup and just smearing the facial oils as well. Sheets are designed to soak up excess oil without removing any makeup. Our Premium Oil Blotting sheets are soft and gentle unlike many paper products.
Oily skin can seriously impact your complexion.Excess oil and shine can get in the way of an otherwise gorgeous makeup look. Keeping your complexion flawless-looking when you’re outside of the home can be challenging.
Our Blotting Paper allows you to perfect your skin throughout the day with a few simple blots. This elegantly packaged sheets make it supremely portable, allowing you to slip it into your purse, pocket, or desk drawer for all day protection against excess oil. Any time you notice a shiny complexion, simply pull out a sheet, gently blot it on your skin — even over your makeup — and enjoy your matte complexion.
With 4 packages of 50 sheets each,you get enough Pampering Blotting Sheets to keep you looking and feeling refreshed and will want to share with your girlfriends and they will love you for it. Girls night out or special date night, your complexion will always be flawless.

So there’s no reason to suffer through another oily and greasy face for another day.Just Click the Add to Cart Button at the top of the Page and get Pampered Now!!!

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