New Modelones Top and Base Coat Gel Polish,Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish Kit 10ml

Product Features

  • ❀The Main function of Base coat is increase the adhesion of nail and color gel. Apply a thin and even Base coat to make your nail art stay longer.
  • ❀Top coat can make your nails glossy and prevent it from abrasion.
  • ❀Modelones Base and Top coat gel can be cooperate with nail powders.
  • ❀Item including: 1×10ml Base coat + 1×10ml Top coat
  • ❀Attention: Follow the professional steps described below. Enjoy about two weeks+ of glossy nails.
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Product Description

Quantity: 2pcs (1x Base coat and 1x Top coat)
Volume: 10ml (0.33oz)
Note: Need to cure under UV/LED lamp

Step 1: Clean and trim nails surface to ensure nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free. (Important) 
Step 2: Fully shake up the polish bottle.
Step 3: Apply a thin Modelones Base coat evenly, cure with UV(1 minutes)/LED(30 seconds) nail lamp.
Step 4: Apply a thin color gel polish directly, cure with UV(2-3 minutes)/LED(60 seconds) nail lamp; Repeat again after dry. (Normally 2-3 apply is better)
Step 5: Apply Modelones Top coat, cure with UV(2-3 minutes)/LED(60 seconds) nail lamp.

1: Please shake up the bottle to let the gel keep uniformity.
2: It is important to ensure nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free before applying base coat, helping for long lasting.
3: Different layers have different colors. The first layer is light, the second layer deeper, get a full color with 3 layers. It’s better that each layer is thin.

1. Rasp away the top coat.(Important)
2. Soak off the nails into Gel polish remover wraps pads for about 10 minutes.(Please enter our store to choose.)
3. Rip down the whole pieces of nail enamel gently on each nail.

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