New Portable Nail Kit / File Fyola Personal Manicure Set | Pedicure Electric System Nail Drill Machine, Nail Care, Improved Design, More Powerful Than Ever, 8 Interchangeable Heads, Rechargeable

Product Features

  • ✔ BEAUTIFY YOUR NAILS with 8-ATTACHMENTS: Includes 8 interchangeable high-quality attachments that effectively smoothes and shines your nails. Quickly removes excess cuticles while filing, shaping and buffing your nails
  • ✔ PROFESSIONAL NAIL CARE SET: Powerful professional quality nail care set drill/filer for beauty salons or home use. Easy to use for beginners or professionals alike. Instructions included.
  • ✔ ERGONOMIC: The Nail File Kit / Drill is ergonomically designed for a stylish look combined with the professional functionality of a manicure/pedicure set. The ultimate set to meet all your nail care requirements!
  • ✔ BONUS FEATURES: This nail kit set includes SHAPING DISCS, for those marvellously appealing nails. The Rough Disk, with Jagged Edges is for use on rough nails, such as the toes. The Coarse Disk, with Round Dots is ideal for a smoother texture. The Buffing Disk is used to treat your nails after your manicure or pedicure.
  • ✔ BONUS FEATURES: This manicure set also comes with TWO FILING CONES. It includes a Large and Small FILING CONE. These are used to file, on top of treating the surface of your finger and toe nails. The Large FILING CONE is ideally suited for bigger and harder nails, such as the toes, whereas the Small FILING CONE is perfect for use on your fingers.
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Product Description

Wow your friends and admirers with perfectly rounded nails that glisten.
Revitalize your nails, giving them a natural healthy appeal. Sculpt your nails to suite your needs for the perfect look. Get rid of stubborn nail problems with ease. Have your hands, feet nails looking just the way you intended.

File, Polish and Buff Your Nails in Style with FYOLA!
With 9 kinds of exchangeable grinding heads now, you can use the electrical nail drill and polisher by Fyola to file your nails in the shape you desire, polish your nails so that they get that natural looking glow and buff them to smoothen and even your nails out.

High-grade electric manicure and pedicure suit, 9 kinds of exchangeable grinding head can meet nail all-round demand, comprehensive nails problem can be solved.

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Amazing features ONLY to be found with FYOLA Nail Drill!
• Used alone, clean and health.
• Rechargeable, or plug directly to use.
• Super cool violet white design.
• Large capacity battery design.
• A variety of polishing head.

Rechargeable or & Play to Use
The best part about this electrical nail drill and polisher is that it is rechargeable. The device is able to fully charge in no time and can be used for quite a few times before needing to be juiced up again.

Super Cool Design
a sleek design which is easy on the eyes and light weight, making it extremely easy to use.

Are you ready for FYOLA’s polishing experience like no other?
With this set, you will not only have the perfect looking nails, but moreover you will have healthy nails. What more could anyone ask for!

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