Seacret Nail Care Collection

Product Features

  • Special all-natural way to care for your nails which including a custom-designed buffing block, nail file, nourishing cuticle oil and lotion
  • Designed specifically for professional nail care, smooth and perfect polish for natural healthy-looking and shiny nails
  • Contains salts and minerals from Dead Sea which are known for their healing properties and natural protection from germs
  • Also contains vitamin E, vitamin A, jojoba Oil, wheat germ oil and avocado oil which possess anti-ageing properties and give natural protection
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Product Description

The buffing block in this product has three sides in which you buff your nails with after you have buffed your nails with all three sides your nails will be very shiny and the shine will last for approximately 3-4 weeks even after washing your hands. The buffing block is guarantee to last for 3 years and can be returned to SeaCret for replacement if it scratches. The cuticle oil and the body lotion are made from minerals from the dead sea. The lotion is a hydrating balm that is instantly absorbed by the skin and provides a smooth healthy look. The cuticle oil is for boosting nail bases, softening the skin and helps prevent dryness.

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