Smartdoo Makeup Brush Cleaner Kit in Seconds to Clean Makeup Brushes and Dry in 360 Rotation with 8 Rubber Collars for All Makeup Brushes Cleaning

Product Features

  • ECONOMICAL & EFFECTIVE -- Just in a few seconds, our product can clean your brushes thoroughly, which directly improve thire lifespan.
  • SIMPLE & CONVENIENT -- Follow 3 steps to use this brush cleaner: Assemble the spinner with makeup brush; Spin and rinse; Spin to dry it.
  • STURDY & DURABLE -- The clean bowl is plastic material which is not fragile as other glass bowls. And it is nontoxic, which is environmental friendly and easy cleaning.
  • SUIT FOR DIFFERENT SIZES -- 8 different sizes of rubber holders fits all your brushes perfectly.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES -- 8 Rubber Holders,Plastic Bowl, Bowl Splash Guard Ring and Manual. Battery Operated (batteries not included). Each battery last at least 6 months before it is replaced.
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Product Description

Why choose us?
Makeup brushes is much more dirty than you can imagine. Millions bacteria will born in your brush if you don’t wash in a week. Thus, makeup brushes should be cleaned at least twice per month, not only to remove old makeup, but bacteria, oil,dirt, and dead skin as well.

How to Use:
1. Fill some water and soap or baby shampoo into the bowl.
2. Find the suitable holders and insert the brush into the cleaner.
3. Dip and dunk the brush in the liquid for 10s.
4. Turn on the spinner, spin the brush to clean.
5. Fill some clear water and clean again.
6. Spin the brush to dry it about 10s.

Package Including:
1 x Brush Cleaner
1 x Attachment spindle
1 x Brush Spinner Bowl
1 x Silicone seal and splash guard ring
8 x Rubber Holders(different sizes)
1 x Manual

* The machine is power by 2 AAA batteries, and batteries aren’t included.
* Please keep the cleaner into the bowl when the swith is on.
* Please hold the cleaner and keep the brush away from the bottle of the bowl when cleaning.
* The liquid in the bowl must be less than 1/3 bowl.

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