The Tinted Lip Stain, Htgtai PK01 Blush Pink Lip Gloss Wine Lip Tint 7g Matt Lipstick Long Lasting Mac Lipstick For Lips

Product Features

  • Contains jojoba oil to ease the absorption, restore cells and boost suppleness on lips. And other nourishing ingredients for a stronger moisturizing and covering effect to help the lips look lively and vibrant.
  • Bright & charming color - The heavily pigmentation of these is absolutely great! The wine tint helps maintain a moist shiny gloss with the deep wine color.
  • Waterproof & long lasting matte lip blam - It's would not stick on cup, after drying no color or flakes coming off, lips don't feel dry at all.
  • Using makeup remover or olive oil to remove the lip tint will be easier.
  • Amazing gift for girlfriend and Mom- Great gift for wine lovers and makeup lovers!!!
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Product Description

1. It’s Waterproof, and would Not stick on Cup.
2. it’s better to use the lip balm or based lip items before putting it on your lip. 3. It will have good effect if you apply a very thin layer.
4. Don’t compress lips after applied the gloss, or it will be sticky.
5. It will looks a little darker if you use lip brush than your hands. so Lip brush is strongly recommended.
6. Because it is the effect of matte velvet ,you can touch and drink water, but you can not eat something grease
Product fearures:
This is the newest series of red wine lip gloss.
To make wine for the inspiration and the center of a series of make up.
This lip gloss is the more lovely shell made of a red bottle shape.
The most important is that moisturizing lip gloss staying power and color was all good.
Package: One pcs Matte Lip Gloss

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